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Our video game utilizes the National Standards for Personal Finance Education, developed by  Jump$tart Coalition and Council for Economic Education. The Standards reflect the evolution of financial services, current approaches to financial education, and a more intentional inclusiveness of all users.

Topics taught include:

  • Cash budgeting

  • Credit cards versus debit cards

  • Interest rates

  • Money in, money out

  • Retirement accounts

  • Time value of money

  • Mortgages

  • Investing basics

National Standards for Personal Financial Education and Financial Literacy

A Spaceship For You is a fully self-contained video game that teaches financial literacy at the 8th to 12th grade level. Teachers can either assign the game as homework to reinforce concepts learned in class, or have their students play in at school in class. Our curriculum covers ~.25 credits of a typical class and can be used in lieu of teaching those topics in class. The game typically takes 10 to 20 hours to complete, depending on how well the player budgets.


We have our curriculum fully mapped out to the Jump$tart National Standards and can work with your educators to design a full in-class curriculum based around the game.

Materials and services available

1) Live onboarding:1-hour live onboarding session with teachers

2) Teacher account(s): track student progress and results

3) A Spaceship For You license: per student, per classroom, per building, or per district

4) Custom curriculum integrate built around our game


A laptop or personal computer with a browser. The game is browser based and fully compatible with Chromebooks. It is not currently compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

we got your back

Your job is hard enough! Let us make teaching financial literacy as easy as possible for you.

Virtual Onboarding

We provide free, live virtual onboarding with one of our instructors to assist you with using A Spaceship For You in the classroom.

Free Updates

Unlike traditional textbooks, we provide free updates to our video game every year, as financial policies and concepts are updated.

Ongoing Support

Got a question or need technical support? Email us anytime or set up a phone/video chat with us any time.

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