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Your job is hard enough! Let us make teaching financial literacy as easy as possible for you. We provide you with all materials and software you need to teach the class - no need to grade homework or develop financial literacy quizzes. Our Teacher's Guide PowerPoint slides is designed to allow you to teach the class with minimal preparation.


Spaceships & Finance contains 8 episodes, which can be played at different intervals. The course is designed to be a semester long course, with approximately 20 to 60* hours of instruction, with the students playing 1 episode of Spaceships & Finance at home once a week. At the end, the students can replay the entire 8 episodes again over 1 to 2 weeks to try to beat their score - thus, reinforcing financial literacy concepts.

Materials provided

1) Teacher's Guide

- Pre and Post Test Quiz (~30 minutes) for data reporting and tracking

- PowerPoint slides with teaching notes and additional documentation for ~20 to 60* hours of instruction

- Instructions for using Spaceship & Finance

2) Spaceship & Finance License

- Teacher account that can manage student accounts by class

- License is per student

*The Teacher's Guide is designed to be flexible around varying class schedules and time allotted at each school. With each topic introduced, there are opportunities that allow the teacher to facilitate a guided discussion, lead a hands-on activity, or provide more details. Additionally, teachers should debrief and review the results of each episode with their students.

we got your back

Virtual Onboarding

We provide a free 1 - 2 hour, live virtual onboarding with one of our instructors to assist you with using Spaceships & Finance and using the Teaching Guide.

Teacher's Guide Updates

Unlike traditional textbooks, we provide free updates to our Teacher's Guide every year, as financial policies and concepts are updated.

Ongoing Support

Got a question about finance? Or need technical support? Need advice on teaching financial literacy concepts? Email us anytime or set up a phone call or video chat. 

Want to try it live? Book a free demo now!

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