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Meet the Team

Keith and Lucien developed A Spaceship For You to make learning personal finance fun and engaging

Keith and Lucien founded Aedify Inc 2019 to teach data analytics. They have taught over 50 data analytics courses both online and in-person and are guest lecturers at Cornell University's Masters of Health Administration program.

They have since expanded Aedify's offerings to financial literacy - data literacy and financial literacy are practical skills that are essential to navigating the modern world.

Aedify seeks to reimagine learning to reflect the needs and technology of modern society. We strive to make learning feel like a byproduct of play, ensuring that students are internally motivated, resulting in better education outcomes and lower demands on educators.


Dr. Barbara Hickman

Education and K-12 Advisor

Dr. Barbara Hickman is an assistant professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. Dr. Hickman has worked in site, district and state level leadership positions including  district  superintendent and as an associate superintendent for curriculum, instruction, and human resources. She is focused on research and teaching in the areas of large-scale systemic change and implementation, STEM leadership, and the application of constitutional law in educational settings. 

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